Why is Meera Jasmine not acting? Banned Meera Jasmine for a long time ?


Why is Meera Jasmine not acting?

One of the most talented actresses in the Malayalam industry but unexpectedly she quit her acting. is she really quitting or has someone forced her to do so? Yes, the latest reports suggest that this is some people’s planned act to avoid her from the Malayalam industry. recently actress Padmapriya put some light on this matter. most people think that Meera Jasmin takes a break from Malayalam films because of her marriage. But it was not true. the real reason follows


The idea of ​​equal pain is something that has been buzzing in the film industry in recent times. The truth is that actresses often don’t even get ten percent of their remuneration while leading actors are remunerated on a regular basis. The demand for equal pay has been heard for a long time, even in Bollywood. After a break in Malayalam, Aparna Balamurali has come forward again with medicine for this discussion. Aparna made such a response after winning the National Award. At that time, the actor faced a harsh response from many producers.

On the part of the actresses, there is an attitude throughout the film that does not consider the heroines who are the ideals of the film. Lakshmi Priya says she doesn’t think it’s difficult for anyone to understand that they should get the pain they deserve. The actor raised such questions in an interview granted on a private channel.

Actress Nikhila Vimal also spoke openly about the same thing. Lakshmi Priya spoke openly about the ordeal of actress Meera Jasmine. It is common practice for actors to increase their remuneration significantly when they have big successes. Just like before, Meera Jasmine collected her reward and asked. Even though she was a talented actress, she was banned from films. Meera asked for a very small amount and that’s what happened to them. It is impossible for films to happen without actresses. Despite their importance, they are paid little.

She entered Malayalam cinema in the year 2005 and Meera Jasmine was a brilliant actress in Malayalam at that time. At that time, Meera was an actress who had the ability to make successful films, both commercially and artistically. There are many such films. Then Meera Jasmine faced an undeclared ban from the filmmakers when she asked for more remuneration. Still facing it today. Lakshmi Priya also says that at that time Vadakku was a part of great films like Nathan, Amritham and Kasha. Meera Jasmin, the heroine who shined here, was excluded from the films when she asked for a very small amount of remuneration.

At the same time, Katrina Kaif, who was unknown even in Bollywood at that time, was brought here and paid twice as much, the actor says. In Bollywood, they were all part of one or the other film. Katrina Kaif was only an advertisement model then. It is not to say that one person is raising or lowering another person, but here the actresses who are popular with the audience are doing such things in terms of remuneration. Then you can give fair pay if you want, but it won’t do, the fact is that the talent of female actors is not recognized at all. Actors who ask for increased remuneration are expelled through scandals and bans. Gradually they are disappearing from the world of cinema. Katrina Kaif appeared as Mammootty’s heroine in Balram vs Taradas. The film failed.

Even former directors have said many things about your bad behavior Meera Jasmin’s shocking response; Here are the lesser-known facts

Meera is one of the superheroines of Malayalam. The actor acted with most of the leading heroes in a very short span of time. She was once the busiest heroine in Malayalam. In 2001, Meera Jasmine entered the acting scene with the film Sutradharan starring Dileep. Later it was Meera’s time. Apart from Malayalam, Meera has also shown her talent in Tamil Telugu Kannada films.

she won national awards and state awards, her national award-winning movie is Padam Onnu our Vilapam. Meera Jasmine’s response to some questions in an interview given to Kairali TV a few months ago has now gone viral.

Meera Jasmine is widely rumored to be terribly arrogant, unmannerly, and disciplined on the set, comes and goes when she feels like it. The same question was asked by Kairali TV anchor John Brittas looking at Meera’s face. Many senior directors in Malayalam say that Meera is terribly arrogant, Meera can’t stand it, and has no discipline. Actress Meera Jasmine responded to these questions in mocking language.

The actor says that she does not value such abuse, and if you are polite to me, I will be polite too. At the same time, Meera reminds that what you need to understand when you hear this about yourself is that such campaigns definitely have some ulterior motives. she does not care about such people. Meera says ‘ I am busy with my affairs and work and have no time for anything.