Super hit Tamil director’s attempt to make Dileep a clown – daughter Meenakshi saved her father by destroying it – here’s what happened


Although they know the fact that Malayalam actors are far ahead of the stars in other film fields in terms of acting excellence and talent, often the directors and producers of other film fields try to belittle the stars here in front of the stars who only show their hollow stupid heroism. The main one is the super hit director Shankar. He has made such attempts to Mohanlal many times and Shankar knows that he will not accept such abuse from Mammootty as he has already reprimanded Allu Arjun’s father. Now viral is the news that he invited superstar Dileep to his film by offering him a huge salary to dress him as a clown and play a supporting role.


Three Idiots based on Chetan Bhagwat’s novel starring Aamir Khan is a super hit film directed by famous Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani. It was a film that changed many schools of thought, especially about education. Aamir Khan was the central protagonist in the film which was a huge success. The Tamil version of the film was directed by Shankar. Tamil superstar Vijay was the hero.

The film was a huge hit in Tamil as well. A central storyline in the film is the clown character named Silencer. Although the film has many roles, Silencer is a clownish supporting character. Kathapatra is a bookworm who thinks that he alone should succeed by spoiling the studies of others. It was Shankar who first invited Dileep to play the role of a typical teaching model who studied and wrote the same as in the book.

Shankar saw Dileep’s funny films and liked them, so he thought that Dileep would do well in this role. But it is said that daughter Meenakshi, who understood very well what the story is like and what will happen to Dileep’s image in the future if he plays it, has shown strong objections to Dileep in taking up that story. There are reports that Taraputri even said that she would never talk to her father if she did this role. That’s why Dileep turned down the role.

Mohanlal talks about that failed film, which fans who were inside the box still talk about with enthusiasm even today after showing only one show. Do you know the picture? – and how it failed.

Every achievement in actor Mohanlal’s career is an opportunity for fans to celebrate. They are still eager to share every detail of their beloved star with enthusiasm. But there is one failure picture of him that is still discussed by fans who celebrate his achievements and joys in life. A Mohanlal film that was seen in the theater only for one day.

Now Mohanlal is talking about that failed film in his life. That failed film that every Mohanlal fan is excitedly talking about is none other than Lal’s debut film Thiranottam. Thiranottam hit the theater on September 4, 1978, a never-to-be-forgotten day in Lal’s life.

In an Onam special interview given to Mathrubhumi, Mohanlal himself spoke about the issues that led to the failure of the film Thiranottam, where he entered the world of cinema for the first time in his life. At the time of Thiranottam’s release, black and white films were losing their relevance. Malayalam cinema also entered the world of color cinema. About 70 films that were under construction and completed, including Thiranottam, were completely in crisis. No one showed black-and-white pictures.Finally, Thiranottam was boxed in after a single show at Thiruvenkitam Muddali’s Krishna Theater in Kollam.

Thiranottam was prepared by Lal’s friends. Now famous director Priyadarshan was the assistant director of the film, Ashok Kumar, another friend of Lal, was the director, Sureshkumar, the famous producer and father of actress Keerthy Suresh, was the clap boy and Saseendran was the producer.