Vijay’s action that day was shocking. Actress Rasika (Sangeetha) with a shocking revelation


Sangeetha is an actress who has played the leading role in many Malayalam films. Perhaps better than calling her Sangeetha, we should use her screen name in Malayalam, which is Rasika. Sangeeta’s husband is actor and singer Krish (Vijay Balakrishnan). Sangeetha has a close friendship with Ilaya Dalapati Vijay. Sangeeta says that Vijay was very careful about her and used to advise her not to fall in love. In an interview given to a Tamil online, Sangeetha opened up about her friendship with Vijay.


From Rasika’s words, ‘If I want to talk about my friendship with Vijay, I have to go back sometime. SA Chandrasekaran Uncle Actor Vijay’s father worked in my grandfather’s film production company. So we were like a family and we all knew each other very well.

It was Amma’s wish that I should act as the heroine in Vijay’s second film, Coimbatore Mappila. Everything was ready for that. But as fate, somehow, unfortunately,it did not happen.

At the beginning of my career, I was well known as a good dancer, and at that time a TV channel organized a program only for Vijay in which I was also invited as a dancer.

Vijay still says he adores me as a dancer. Still the same. Before he goes to participate in any event, Vijay’s wife will call me and ask if I am performing dance in that show. If there is, he will go only after seeing it. We have such a close friendship.

He would still advise me not to fall in love just because it is the world of cinema. You should get married properly and settle down, and he used to reprimand me not to listen to any gossip. He still wanted me to be safe. He has that love and cares for me. If he came to know about any gossip or anything about me, Vijay would call me and ask about it.

But I was falling in love with Krish. One day I mentioned the matter to Vijay with trepidation and I asked Vijay if it would be possible for him to come and meet Krish to introduce him. After seeing Krish, Vijay hugged me. He said he was proud of you. I couldn’t believe it when he suddenly did so. Vijay had said then that he feels that Krish was a very nice person and you two made a good pair.