Medisep health and safety scheme for government employees – A comparison between Kerala and Tamil Nadu


Medicep, a health and safety scheme for government employees and pensioners in Kerala, charges a monthly premium of Rs 500, while in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, the premium is only Rs 300. But there only insurance coverage of 5 lakhs is provided for four years. Here you get a cover of Rs 3 lakh per annum.


In addition to basic coverage in Tamil Nadu, coverage of Rs 10 lakh is provided for specific diseases. 20 lakhs will be sanctioned from the corpus fund in emergency situations. Here too, such coverage is provided for organ transplant surgeries. In Kerala, while Oriental Insurance Company is in charge of management, there United Insurance Company is in charge of management.

Reimbursement facility

The Tamil Nadu government has also included a provision for reimbursement if treatment is obtained from out-of-network hospitals. There is no such facility here. There 3240 rupees are transferred annually to the government insurance company for the family of a government employee. Here it is 5664 rupees. About 1,200 hospitals in Tamil Nadu are collaborating with the project.

Higher premium for pensioners

In Tamil Nadu pensioners are charged more as premium than employees. 497 per month. Here equal premium is charged from employees and pensioners. There 5472 rupees per annum is paid to the government insurance company for the pensioner’s family. But the basic coverage and other provisions are similar to those of employees. 5 lakh coverage for four years only.

Some figures from Kerala

More than 100,000 patients were treated in five months. During this period, 104823 people were treated under the scheme across the state. This is the figure till December 5. Out of which 280,64,50,784 has been sanctioned for 95297 claims.

Hospitals that provided more treatment

Most treatments was given in private hospitals. Amala Hospital in Thrissur (3539). Kollam NS Memorial Institute (3165) and Kannur AKG Hospital (2527) are at the second and third positions. Thiruvananthapuram RCC ranks first among government hospitals (1117). Kottayam Govt. Medical College (1068) and Thiruvananthapuram Medical College (805) hospitals are in the immediate vicinity.

These districts received more treatment

Kozhikode district received the most number of people for treatment under Medicep (16486). 12827 people in Ernakulam and 10511 in Malappuram received treatment.

More treatment was given to these diseases

Unspecified ailments accounted for the majority (22716). 18,652 received dialysis and 12,446 received cataract surgery. 868 patients were treated for knee transplants, 61 patients for hip transplants and 19 patients for liver transplants under the special treatment package for malignancy.