When I heard the call of Ayesha, I saw the most obscene sight! Vijay did not have the guts to say anything about – Anju parvathy’s viral post


Dalapati Vijay’s video of awarding Ponnada and certificates to the children who achieved high marks in the examination has been a trending topic on social media for two days now, but an incident that took place at the event made the beautiful ceremony very controversial.


In the ceremony, there was a ceremony where each child was called to the stage and photographed by Vijay himself who gave them a gold certificate and took a photo. But when a girl named Ayesha was called to the stage, the methods and routines that had been going on till then changed.

The girl came with a veil covering her face and body including her hands. But it was her father who accepted the award and Ponnada on her behalf. A very sad truth is that the girl could only stand there and watch. But this gave rise to a great deal of controversy. In the 21st century, everyone criticized the religious law and the people who walk by it, which show that a girl is not entitled to receive awards and respect for her achievements.

Now writer and teacher Anhu Parvathi’s response on that issue came as a Facebook post and has gone viral in a big way.

This is the summary of Anchuparvati’s post. He saw with great joy and admiration the ceremony where Dalapati Vijay felicitated the children who had achieved high marks in the examination. Annu Parvathi says that she was very happy and excited to see each girl’s name being called and Vijay honouring them with Ponnada and certificates.

Along with that, I was very happy to see their parents coming and proudly taking pictures with them and returning. But suddenly when the name of the plus two girl Ayesha was called, a middle-aged man came in, along with a black-clad figure and a boy with him.

Then he saw a most obscene sight; Five Parvati says like this. Vijay had to give all the honors like Ponnada and the certificate to the girl’s father,and the girl who had achieved the highest marks stands silently. That girl should be given that award, But unfortunetly it given to her father. Anju Parvathy says that Vijay, who is the prince of the attitude , the savior of others in every movie he is a superstar, has evaporated there and Vijay who fights against injustices and immorality has completely faded here.

Anju commented that the only relief there was the negative cheers from the audience at that time. She says that Vijay, the actor, held up the superstar and felt that all his stands against human rights violation evaporated at that moment.

Ayesha passed the exam. Then the excellence of the children who have written the exam is honoured here. Anju Parvathi says that Vijayi did not show the courage to shout out that they are for the children not for their parents and it is because of his lack of attitude. Anju Parvathy says that if Vijay had taken such a stand, that would have been the moment when the whole world would have respected Vijay as an actor and a great human being.

Anju parvathy says that if you had told the students to study Ambedkar, Periyar and Kamaraj in detail, if you had left out her father and honoured the girl using the Ponnada, that would have been the biggest message you would have sent to these students.

She does not say anything wrong about her dress because it is the freedom given by the constitution to one to wear what they like. But the question is also relevant here, why a family with so much religious consciousness came to such a program. Anju Parvathi asks in her note that if it is wrong for another man to touch the body of an adult girl according to their religion, why did they come to this ceremony even knowing that this is an event organized by Vijay and that he is the one who will give the Ponnada and give the certificate.

Then her parents wants favor and recognition in the name of his daughter, but they does not have the heart to give it directly to her, and religion stands in the way of it. Anju Parvati harshly criticizes her father and brother who came to take it without any shame.

Anju Parvathy also criticizes liberal professional actresses and actors in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Anju Parvathy says that Prakashraj and Kamala Haasan, the liberal lions of Tamil Nadu film industry, did not respond to this in any way. The progressives and liberal elites of Kerala have not said a single word against this and many are walking around saying they are political collectors and are now sitting without uttering a single word. Anju Parvathi also says that the good thing about this events is that because of this ceremony, everyone knows Samastha in Kerala has a branch in Tamil Nadu as well.

But at the same time, other girls belonging to the Muslim community are taking the award directly from Vijay and taking photos and talking with hm. Undoubtedly, we can say that only in some families where the religious rules are taken beyond a certain limit, children are not able to get recognition for their talent and achievement. All religions have outdated beliefs and practices. People who say that religion is for the good of man should understand it correctly and do not hesitate to make a change. Life is very beautiful looking at this wide world with a free mind.