Mohanlal is flexible but Mammooty sometimes doesn’t even lift his hand – Actor Bheeman Raghu reveals.


Bheeman Raghu is an actor who shined through powerful villain roles in Malayalam cinema. He has acted in about 400 Malayalam films. He has done mostly villain characters. He was at the forefront of playing powerful villain roles alongside Malayalam superstars like Mammooty, Suresh Gopi, and Mohanlal. Later he ventured into comedy roles. He was also performing comedy in a very good manner. At one time, he entered the cinema as a replacement of legendary actor Jayan. He is also an actor who has almost Jayan’s physique.


Bheeman Raghu, who got into politics after being attracted by BJP’s politics, was later seen withdrawing from films. After that he has now left BJP and joined CPM.

Bheeman Raghu is a regular villain in actor Mohanlal’s and Mammootty’s films and is the leading villain who has always beaten the hands of these stars. But there is an opinion that Malayalam cinema has not utilized his talents in an adequate way. Bheeman Raghu, who is performing well, commented on his fight scene experience with Malayalam superstars Mohanlal and Mammootty and Suresh Gopi.

He said these matters in an interview given to a YouTube channel. He is of the opinion that Mohanlal is the most flexible actor in acting fight scenes. Bheeman Raghu says that actor Mammooty has no flexibility at all and sometimes his hand does not even raise.

But it is said that Suresh Gopi is a mix of Mohanlal and Mammootty. He says that although he has acted in almost 400 films, he has not received enough recognition, he can sing and dance well, but his skills have not been used in Malayalam cinema at all, and he has not yet had opportunities to prove his skills properly.

Often in stage programs a clown is shown as Bhima Raghu’s dance. But he himself says in the interview that he knows how to dance well and if he gets such a role then he will show how to perform well and ready to take up the challenge.

He says that he sings well, knows a few things about music, is a good singer and has not made a debut.

After entering politics in 2019, he stayed away from films and directed and acted in a film named Chana. So, he is entering the field of directing. The controversies related to his political entry are almost at an end and therefore fans are waiting for him to reach the cinema soon.