“Who told you to come here?” Srinivasan angrily asked Mammootty – Mammootty turned around silently and that was the first and last time Sreenivasan got angry with Mammooka – that incident was as follows


Mammootty is the uncrowned superstar of Malayalam cinema today. Today he is one of the most talented actors not only in Malayalam cinema but also in Indian cinema. However, he has said in many interviews that in the early days of his career, he had wandered around asking for opportunities from many people to act in films, and thus he came to films after experiencing many hardships. Mammootty also says that even today he asks many people for opportunities to act in films.


Today we are going to share with you an incident that happened in the early days of Mammootty’s career. Sreenivasan is an actor who came to the cinema with Mammootty or a little earlier. Both actors have done many Malayalam films together. They are now close friends too.

An incident took place on the location of Mammootty’s second film, Vilkaanund Swapnaman. Written by MT Vasudevan Nair and directed by Azad, Vilkanund Swapna also starred Mammootty, Sreenivasan, Sukumaran, and Sudheer. Sukumaran was the hero and Srividya was the heroine and Mammootty’s role was a two-scene role.

At that time, the shooting of the film was going on in Shornur. Screenwriter MT Vasudevan Nair and other actors and crew members were staying in a guest house there. At night, actor Srinivasan and cameraman Ramachandra Babu were outside drinking beer very secretly. It must be said that Sreenivasan was more senior in the world of cinema than Mammootty. Along with this, Sreenivasan has the name of an actor who acted in the films of famous directors KG George PA Bakar at that time. Suddenly, Mammootty opened the room and came to where Srinivasan was drinking beer.

“Ah, you’re sitting here drinking?” Mammootty’s arrival by asking loudly. Akshara Kulapathi MT Vasudevan Nair lives in the next room. Mammootty’s loud conversation angered Srinivasan as he felt it was a big insult to him if MT Vasudevan Nair hear this. Sreenivasan snapped at Mammootty asking, “Who told you to come here now?”Seeing that sudden anger, Mammootty understood something was wrong and walked back from there without saying a word. That happened only once in his entire career because soon he became one of the most popular and leading actors in the Indian film industry and nobody dared to speak to him with arrogance