How did srividya died?


Sreevidya is the heroine of Malayalam cinema who was once suppressed. Sreevidya was not only an actress but also a great musician. She was born in a Tamil family in Madras, Tamil Nadu. Her parents were Tamil film comedian Krishnamurthy and renowned Carnatic classical singer ML Vasanthakumari. She had a brother, Sankara Raman. Her father had to stop acting the year she was born due to a disease affecting his facial muscles. Her family was in financial trouble. The mother worked long hours to meet the family’s financial needs. Srividya once said that her mother does not even have time to breastfeed. Srividya entered the acting field at a very young age.


How did Srividya died?

Based on the reports she died because of cancer. Some reports suggest that she was a breast cancer patient and some other says that she suffered from spine cancer. At the last stage of her life, she faced a lot of mental trauma. Actor Ganesh Kumar is one of the close companions of actress Sri Vidhya at that time. She donates most of her wealth to form a charity organization. She had a tragic personal and family life. Her husband George Thomas tortures her for a long period of time. in 2006 she died because of cancer at the age of 53.

Soon Srividya’s mother, ML Vasanthakumari, grew up to be an irreplaceable figure in the Carnatic music industry and took charge of the family. Srividya remembers that her mother was unable to take care of her daughter at all. In an interview given to Kairali TV, something that the actor said in an interview on Kairali TV is now relevant again. The actor also remembers that he could not pay attention to his children and his brother due to his busy schedule. That is why the actor believes that a great artist should never try to get married.

No matter how busy artists we are, if we have children, it is our responsibility. We should definitely spend some time with them. Even though he had everything when he was young, his parents were not close enough, so he lived a completely isolated life. He was never happy at that time.

My mom’s words about my dressing style is still my strength says Saniya – Here is the story

Sania Iyyappan is a promising young heroine in Malayalam cinema. The actor, who entered the cinema at a young age, was active in social media through bold and glamorous photoshoots right from the beginning. The star’s photoshoots received huge cyber attacks. Sania is perhaps the most cyber-attacked star directly for her dress sense. Now the actor is talking about how she was affected by the early cyber attacks and how she survived them.

Sania says that the first cyber-attacks were very shocking and she used to cry a lot during that time. The actor says that even before she entered films, she still continues to dress in the usual ways. At first, she was silent on the moral attacks, but now the actor is giving them a strong counter-attack.

Sania says that her family’s support gives her strength. Sania asks what is wrong with outsiders and that ” I wear my favorite clothes with my money and not my family members have any trouble. Before entering the cinema, my mother said, “If you want to change something, change it now. If you enter the world of cinema, you will have to listen to various comments. Don’t wait to change by listening to what others say”. Those words give me strength now. If we start to change because of someone’s words, we are giving up. We live by following our passions. After this thought, I don’t consider such trolls and comments. A good response is also given to comments that leave a limit.

Don’t take these as petty trolls. The problems and pains it causes in a person’s personal life are immense. Either we respond to such nasty comments or we stop. Sania says that if we start responding to their comments and they understand that we are not stopping and we continue wearing our favorite costumes, they will stop themselves.