How did Babu Antony meet his wife?


How did Babu Antony meet his wife?

Babu Antony met his wife very unexpectedly. The girl named Evgeniya Liuban is a Russian who is also a great musician and has a master’s degree in classical music. Both of them met for the first time in America in San Francisco. There, at a party, Babu meets Antony while Evgenia is performing her song beautifully.


About that incident, Evgenia says that while she was singing the songs of Beethoven and many other famous musicians, she fell in love with him as soon as she saw a manly, handsome, strong, and tall young man come in. After the party, they both talked together and the girl who came with her aunt was blessed that her aunt knew Babu Antony’s family. They both talked there. Narrating their love story, Babu Antony’s wife says that they started dating for the first time.

After they started dating, both of them met daily and Babu Anthony proposed to marry her and she initially agreed, but later she became tense and soon went to Russia and opened up to her father. When they came to know that the groom was an Indian, they tried to turn him down, the main reason being the two cultures. But finally, Babu Antony reached Russia for himself and talked to his family, they liked him and got married 15 January 2004

Babu Antony reveals why he is being kicked out of Malayalam cinema.

If you ask who is the most underrated or underrated actor in Malayalam, there is only one answer and that is the unique actor Babu Antony. Once upon a time, the hero was welcomed by the audience in the theater with applause. There are a handful of Malayalam movies like Dada, Kambolam Uppukandam Brothers, Chanta, and Babu Antony as super hits. The star was somehow pushed back while shining. Later, when he was ignored as a villain and a co-star, he still exists without being completely removed from cinema because of his love for cinema and the fact that there is a community here that loves him. It is no exaggeration to say that Babu Antony, a martial artist, has the flexibility and uncanny ability to perform stylish action scenes that no other Malayalam actor can claim.

Now he has gone viral due to his frankness when he participated in JB Junction on Kairali TV. Babu Antony says that if someone from Malayalam is trying to trample you down, I can boldly say yes. Babu Antony says that the reason for this is that if he is in a film, many actors feel that their effect is reduced and that is why he is excluded from many films. In fact, it is just a misconception of everyone. Babu Antony says that one’s body style and size do not diminish the importance of another and one’s importance is determined by one’s talent and it is time to change such thinking.

Prathap Pothan, an actor and producer, said about Babu Antony during the interview that Babu Antony is one of the most neglected actors in Malayalam. As an audience and a film critic who once saw this man’s film and jumped with excitement, one thing to say is that Malayalam cinema has not yet used Babu Antony and should give him a chance. In any case, Power Star is a film that has been completed by Omar Lulu, who is one of the new generation directors, and the post-production works are in progress. Along with that, he is playing a lead role in Mani Ratnam’s big-budget film Ponniyan Selvan. In 2022 he is making a strong comeback in the film world with a handful of films.

That’s why I called you Mana Power Star – Omar Lulu’s reply to Babu Antony – Omar Lulu

If you ask who is the real action star of Malayalam, if you are honest, it would be a martial artist who can do action scenes with style. It is none other than Babu Antony himself. The star who came to the world of Malayalam cinema as a villain and became a hero. Babu Antony was the passion of Malayalam cinema fans of an era.

In a recent interview, he himself said that Malayalam cinema has often been ignored by the world. He has said that the reason for this is the excessive ego of the Malayalam superstars. Babu Antony says that the reason why many stars avoid him from films is that his looks and shape will reduce the audience’s attention.

The actor who is also a martial artist has proved his mettle in fight scenes. It is doubtful that he is left out despite being an actor capable of handling excellent action scenes. Babu Antony has done many films as the villain of Malayalam superstars like Mohanlal Mammootty.

Yesterday, the actor posted a picture on his official Facebook account where he is ready to ride a bike in the well of death in his super hit movie Carnival. The post went viral in no time. Babu Antony rode his bike into the death well without a dup and safety systems. The actor says that he did not have any previous experience at that time. Omar Lulu, the director of the actor’s latest film Power Star, has commented below that post. “That’s why I call you Power Star, man.”

Although the Malayalam star has been left out of his own industry, Babu Antony is playing an important role in the Tamil Brahmanda film Ponniyan Selvan. The film is directed by Mani Ratnam. Apart from that the post-production works of Babu Antony’s Power Star is in progress. This is the last screenplay of the famous scriptwriter Dennis Joseph.