What is the relationship between MGR and Prithviraj? Here is the fact in detail


Actor Prithviraj, who came to the cinema imbibing the character traits of his father Sukumaran, who was a stubborn nature star, did not have a good start to his career. The actor has overcome many difficulties to reach this stage. At one point in his career, Prithviraj even thought of dropping out and going back to a foreign country. Prithviraj Sukumaran is a producer, actor, and director who has signed many films and is currently directing hit films with his own production company in Malayalam.


What is the relationship between MGR and Prithviraj?

Actually, this is one of the most circulated gossip about actor Prithviraj but the fact that he has no relation with the Tamil actor and politician MGR and his family. This is a totally cooked-up story or someone mistakenly placed the actor’s name into this. He has not any kind of roots in Tamil Nadu. It may be people’s misunderstanding that, at the starting stage of his career he acted in a couple of Tamil movies like Kana kandean

My first love was with June – Prithviraj says

What is going viral now is what the actor said about his first love and lover in his life when he arrived on the red carpet of Red FM’s popular show. Prithvi says that he told his wife after marriage that film was the first love in his life, but Prithvi says that in real life he was in love with a girl before he got into films. She is a girl who studied with him in Australia. The actor also says that her name is June. Prithvi also says that she was not a Malayali.

Prithvi left his studies midway to enter the cinema and later married BBC journalist Supriya Menon. Their marriage was a love marriage. The actor has said in many interviews that it is beyond his imagination to bring a person into his life and share his life with him, who he does not know at all.

Tharam also says that Prithvi had told Supriya that his first love in life was cinema. Prithvi says that she is most afraid of her daughter and that she has a lot of control over her. Prithvi says that his wife Supriya also knows that Prithvi’s answer to the presenter’s questions about whether he is a good father or a good husband is that he is a good father.

Omar Lulu made a controversial statement saying that Prithviraj and Tovino are examples of Malayalam cinema’s habit of replacing the best actors and giving more rewards to the beautiful ones.

Omar Lulu, the super hit director, has openly spoken about the general nature of a section of Malayalees who are obsessed with beauty and body shaming, the importance and better rewards given to those who are beautiful in Malayalam cinema, and the disregard shown to those with beauty flaws.

Omar Lulu says that in Malayalam cinema, an actor’s acting prowess is never important, what matters is his color and beauty. For that, he has named the young actors who are shining now.

Shine Tom Chacko is an actor who becomes second or third in super hit films with his excellent acting. Anyone who has seen his recent films can understand his acting skills. But Omar asks if shine Tom Chacko or handsome actor Tovin Thomas is getting paid more here. Of course it is for Tovino. Similarly, he is taking star sons Indrajith and Prithviraj as examples. It is true that Prithvi Raj does not have as much variety and flexibility as Indrajith in acting, although they are brothers, Omar Lulu himself says that he gets more results and more films and Prithvi is the reason for that. Omar says that the Malayalam audience is at fault here rather than the producers because they only want to absorb handsome heroes.

Things are not like that in our neighboring state of Tamil Nadu where Rajinikanth and Dhanush are seen as superstars and people are not looking at their beauty. But the Malayalees are absolutely beauty lovers. Omar says that Malayalees who enjoy passing comments about someone’s beauty and lack of beauty are at the forefront of body shaming. This state of mind of the Malayalees is reflected in the movies as well. That is why the gifted are left behind while the non-gifted come to the forefront with beauty and color rather than the gifted.

When we look at the ratings for black and fat body-shaming programs, we can see that what Omar Lulu said is absolutely true. It is the audience that needs to change. That is a sign of a healthy society. The skills of individuals should be evaluated by criteria. There is no doubt that if external beauty, caste or religion is used as a yardstick to measure one’s talent, better artists and works of art will be alienated from us.