‘When I raised my hand, the bed sheet I was wearing stripped off. Having to stand naked in front of actress Kanaka; Actor Mukesh revealed that incident


Godfather is a movie that was made in collaboration with Siddique Lal and is still indelible in the minds of Malayalees. The theaters were full of laughter with the release of Godfather. Anappara Achamma and Anjooran became a part of Malayali life. Thus Godfather holds the record of being the longest-running film in Malayalam. The Godfather was a film that told the story of years of the family feud between Anappara Achamma and Anjooran Muthalali. Actors like  Mukesh, Jagadish, Siddique, Kanaka, Janardhanan, Shankaradi, and many other top Malayalam stars were a part of the film. Kanaka was the heroine in the film.

Kanaka is coming to Malayalam for the first time as the heroine of Godfather. The actress managed to reach the top ranks of Malayalam actresses with a single film due to her excellent acting and beauty. Kanaka made her film debut in 1989 with the Tamil film Karagattakaran. She won the award for her acting in her debut film. “Before the shooting of Godfather, everyone was searching for a new heroine. That’s how Kanaka’s first film Karagattakaran came before the audience. Later it was decided to cast Kanaka as the heroine in the film. I have never seen Kanaka in person. Having confirmed everything, Kanaka came to Kerala for shooting. A room was prepared for her at the Maharani Hotel. Maybe because of the long travel, the look of Kanaka as a heroine was unimaginable to me. I was shocked to see her. But when she reached the shooting location, Kanaka surprised everyone with her beautiful look.

In the film, an interesting incident took place on the day when Kanaka visited the boys’ hostel to meet Ramabhadra. ‘Mayin Kutti’ is the name of actor Jagdish’s character, and the scene was he is taking a bath is being shot. My character Ramabhadran is lying on the bed. Ramabhadran jumps up knowing that Malu is coming suddenly, but the dhoti he was wearing is nowhere to be seen. He wears a bed sheet because he can’t find the dhoti. When Malu comes, he wears the same bed sheet and goes to see her. That’s the scene.

As I raised my hand as part of the performance, suddenly my bed sheet fell off. I am fully naked. The other members of the set and I were shocked and silent for a moment. actress Kanaka saw it too… but pretended that she didn’t. Later that scene was shot after a day. One of the few moments that come to mind when I think about Godfather is when I had to stand naked in front of Kanaka,’ reveals Mukesh with a small smile.