Shivaji Ganesan’s advice to actor Biju Menon for not being punctual that day. Had it been anyone else, the story would have been different.


Malayalees in general have a strong fondness for actor Biju Menon. The quality of the star is that he can play any role with ease. Biju Menon was able to shine in the best roles like the lead actor, villain, supporting actor and comedian. Biju Monon came to the silver screen with the film ‘Puthran’ which was released in 1995. Later, the actor was able to shine in many different roles. What is now going viral on social media is the advice given to the actor by Sivaji Ganesan. Photographer Kollam Mohanan revealed this in an interview given on a YouTube channel. His words are…

Biju Menon was assigned to interview actor Shivaji Ganesan on behalf of Nana. Many other stars were also asked. But he liked Biju Menon, I don’t know why. He had given a time for the interview. The time was given at five o’clock in the evening. It was the time when the Millennium Stars movie’s shooting was going on in Chennai.

As per the time given by Shivaji Ganesan I reached there at 5 o’clock. We were the first to meet him. At that time, director Jayaraj had assured that Biju Menon would be delivered on time. We reached Shivaji Ganesha’s house at five o’clock. Biju Menon says he will come soon but nothing happens. Time was running out.

At about half past five, Shivaji Ganesha’s eldest son came out. Then he said his father wanted to go out, and he left. Later came the actor Prabhu. He also said that he wanted to go out. They said this and went out after because the time we said was already late. Finally, Biju Menon arrived at 6.30 and 7 o clock Interview taken. A few questions were asked. As part of the interview, he asked for advice for newbies. Shivaji Ganesan said that one should very Punctual. He told the actor that One should come at the correct time as they promised, then everything else will be fine.Shivaji Ganesan says