Lal Jose insisted that his charecter should has short hair for that film, and Actor Mammootty says you should not even dream of it, and everyone was shocked to see his looks at next day – Lal Jose. Here is the story.


Actor Mammootty, One of the toughest and most talented actors in the Malayalam film industry. Normally he is a kind-hearted and gentle human being but still sometimes very mischievous and needs to be handled very carefully.  Mammootty is strict and a bit stubborn, but still, he is everyone’s favorite Mammookka. Many directors shared funny experiences with the actor Mammootty. The award-winning director Lal Jose also shares his experience with actor Mammootty during an early interview.


Director Lal Jose shared his experiences of making a film with Mammootty as the lead. Lal Jose talks about how the boy arrived with a bang when he was told that he should get his hair done for the role. In an interview with Manorama News, Lal Jose shared his experience when Mammootty came to act in his first film Maravathur Kanav.

I never thought that I could do my first film with Mammootty. When Mammootty said, ‘I can be the hero in your film’, the first reaction from his mouth was, ‘Oh, no.’ Mammootty then said that he would ask Mammootty for a date after doing a few films, but he would not give a date except for the first film.

When we tell Mammootty about certain things, he says that it is not possible at first. Mass dialogues will tell you that it’s not going to happen, don’t even dream about it. I’ll ask if you’ll think again after a while; Then Mammooka’s counter-argument is that if it is necessary, let’s see. When told that the character wanted a chopped hair look in Maravathur Kanav, Mammooka first said that he should never think about cutting his hair. I was also adamant that Chandi’s (character’s name) hair should be short.

The next day, Mammootty came to the film’s pooja looking as if he had shaved his head. The person who left yesterday saying ‘Don’t dream of cutting your hair’ came in a look like this. I said it with the thought of having a little haircut for a rough look. But when I shaved my head, I asked, “Oh, why did you do it like this?” He said back then that by the time the film starts, his hair will grow and he will look like that. And it turned out to be true, says Lal Jose.