Mammootty came and broke down the door. Actress Unnimari’s shocking revelation


Unnimeri is a heroine who acted as the heroine, co-actress, and glamor queen of the Malayalam cinema world in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. The actress entered the world of acting after changing her real name Deepa to Unnimeri. Unnimeri first entered the acting world as a child star.

Actress Unni Meri started her acting career at the age of seven. She acted in more films with actor Prem Nazir, who has acted in more than 300 films. Unni Meri acted with leading stars in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages. Mammootty is the most prominent among them. In 1992, the actor said goodbye to acting and completely shifted to family life. What the actor said about Mammootty in an earlier interview has gone viral.

In an interview, the actor talked about an incident that happened during the shooting of the movie Kaanamarayath, in which Mammootty, Shobhana, and Rehman played the main characters. At that time, she and Mammootty were all staying in the same hotel. That day, her elderly father came to the hotel to meet her. Despite repeated requests, they did not let him meet her. His father was very humiliated and left the hotel that day. Knowing that she could not bear the sadness. “When I sat in the room in that anger, I had many unwanted thoughts. In a sudden rush, I took the sleeping pills which I had in my hand”. Unni Mary says that even though many people came and knocked on the door, she did not open it. Unnimeri says that Mammootty finally came and broke down the door and brought her to the hospital. At that time she was lying unconscious.

The actress is now living with her husband, daughter, and son-in-law in Ernakulam, where she is an evangelist. She has now completely withdrawn from cinema. The actress is not active on social media anymore.