It is the sights along the way that should be enjoyed on trips as much as or more than our destination. That is why it took more than 10 hours to run 182 km from Thrissur via Pollachi Udumalpeta to the resort in Kanthallur instead of four hours and 53 minutes as stated by Google.


It was a new experience for the children as we went ahead after having breakfast from Pollachi and passing through the wind farms as far as the eye could see. As they got closer they were surprised by the actual size of the windmill. 5 km inland from the Amaravati forest check post, there is a small dam and a crocodile farm near it. 98 crocodiles including 25 male crocodiles and 73 female crocodiles are protected there. Most of them were lying still in the sun with their eyes closed.

Probably because it was close to noon, we could not see any animals during the drive through Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Trekking to Thuanam Falls was not included in this trip. Instead, we got down at the roadside viewpoint and enjoyed the beauty of Tuwanam Falls to the fullest. It was 2:30 by the time we stopped in front of a hotel in Marayur for lunch.
Instead of turning from Marayur to Kanthallur as we intended to travel through Chandanakat, we went forward five kilometers on the Munnar route and turned left near Nachivyal forest station, and went inside the sandalwood forest. Deer and mountain gecko could be seen. It was a good experience to spend some time inside the sandalwood forest listening to the sounds of various birds.

Even though I had seen it before, I didn’t want to go ahead without visiting Anakottapara Park. Get the ticket and climb to the top of the rock. Like being on top of the world. I did not know the time had passed while I was standing there enjoying the magical beauty of the surrounding mountains with light drizzle, wind, and cold. A beautiful view of the area including Marayoor town while looking down. Continued the journey after seeing the sages on top of the rock. Now straight to the resort.

When I decided to stay in Kanthallur for two days, the search for the right resort started. From Kanthallur center, the road is a bit bad when turning towards the resort. But when I crossed the gate of the resort, it was a completely different world. Very spacious beautiful lawn. The beauty of the mountains all around. 360-degree view. Rooms and surroundings are kept very clean. A perfect place to stay away from the hustle and bustle.

The next day morning visited the Patissery Dam site which is under construction next to the resort. When the work is completed and the water is filled, the views cannot be seen! Although the season for apples and strawberries is over, we visited a fruit farm before noon. A visit to Kanthallur, the center of winter vegetable cultivation, is not complete without meeting its farmers. Left straight to the farms. Small houses where farmers live. Due to the slopes of the hill, a terraced farming method is adopted there. Talked to some of the farmers working the soil. The farmer who cultivates carrots said that the maximum price he gets for a kilo of carrots is 30 rupees. The day before, I bought a kilo of carrots in Thrissur for Rs 110 and suddenly realized the depth of exploitation. It was realized that there is a need to strengthen the systems that deliver products directly from the farmers to the market without the middlemen.

The day return journey was via Munnar. Even though there was no program to visit Munnar, the trip was made that way because there was a preconceived idea about the sights on the way. Some distance through sandalwood. Then tea plantations, mountains, waterfalls and streams. The feeling of traveling through that heavenly land is indescribable by getting out of the car from time to time to see and take photos. The 50 km distance from Marayur to Munnar is a whole day but not enough to enjoy.

My friend’s daughter started an eco-friendly resort near Atimali and had not seen it yet. A short visit there too. A place to live in harmony with nature. Every little thing has been taken care of to suit the theme. Mud walls, furniture, and even plants.