Every trip brings new sights and experiences. This journey in search of Dakshina Kannada (A district in Karnataka State) land is one such journey. Bandaje arbi falls , Ballalarayana Durga fort, Rani jhari point, and Kodegi falls are beautiful places that are not crowded yet. All this is a paradise of untouched beauty and natural scenery. Our intention is to cover all these four places in one-day trekking. Planning and destination finding was done by fellow traveler Dr. Sajas. I have to start my journey to Kasaragod near the border of Karnataka. Train travel from Tirur to Kasargod station on Mangala Express is Rs 100 per second-class ticket.


By the time we reached Kasaragod, it was half past eight. From the station to the KSRTC stand, I took an auto to the stand for 30 rupees. I had already missed the last bus going via Sullya at 8:45. I somehow managed to get a ticket for Rs 140 on a Karnataka KSRTC sleeper bus going to Bangalore via Sullya at 9:5. After traveling for 45 minutes, and the bus got off at Kottiadi stop where I had to get off via Mulyeri. The companion’s workplace is three kilometers away from here. That night food was stolen from his room. Stayed there. The next day at 2 am we both started for the destination on his bike. We landed in the morning at a distance of 4 hours and about 160 km to watch the sunrise at Rani Jari viewpoint which was originally planned. Accompanied by a slight chill and the light rain which added to the darkness, we started to climb the Charmadi pass.

By the time Rani Jari reached the viewpoint, she had already woken up in the east.
From Rani Jari viewpoint to trek to Bandaje Falls which is the next trekking spot, we stopped the vehicle at the base camp and started trekking around 7 o’clock.

Bandaje Falls and Ballalarayana Durga Kota have to travel a long distance on the same path and now trek to both places on two different paths. First we trekked to Bandaje Arabi Falls.

Bandaje Falls

The trek through the dense evergreen forest was beautiful, crossing streams and forests for a distance of ten kilometers through meadows. A single track winding through the grassland ends at the Bandaje Falls. Bandaje Falls is a beautiful forest waterfall falling from a height of about 400 feet. Bandaje Falls is formed as a tributary of Netravati River. As the rain subsided, the water flow of the waterfall decreased, but it was a less dangerous time, so we were able to reach the waterfall. We were the first group to trek that day…we were resting by the falls when the next group of eight from Bangalore arrived. All of them came with a package of Rs.4000.

We were surprised to know that this group of young people reached a place that can be reached if there is a trekking fee of 300 rupees and carriage fare! It’s kind of laughable to know that even such packages have people who take their money and run them.

Ah, whatever it is. These are all places that are very easy to reach for a small amount of money for those who are willing to take a little risk. After seeing and resting at the waterfall, we went back to the next trekking spot.

Ballalarayana Durga Fort.

Forts always have a special charm and charm. Most of the forts must have been built on the top of the hill or in higher areas. One such fort is one such fort in Dakshina Kannada district which is inaccessible to most people. Ballalarayana Durga is a hill fort located in Bettabalige village between Kottegehara and Kalasa in Chikkamangalur. Ballalarayana Durga Fort is located in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1509 meters and can only be reached by trekking through the dense forests of the hills. After trekking for about two and a half hours through the forest, crossing the rainforest and streams, we reached the fort. Atop one of the surrounding green hills is the Ballalarayana fort, built by the wife of Vira Ballala I of the Hoysala dynasty.

The fort is said to have been built in the 12th century in Carnatic Dravidian architecture. However, now visitors to the fort also have ruins of the ruined fort. Only the ruined walls, a few arches, and a vault can be seen here today. Although the fort beckons with its rich history and cultural significance, the fort wall and green hills spread over the hill for miles and miles never disappoint the onlookers.

Enjoyed the views of the famous Charmadi Ghat Hill, Khudremukh National Park, and Rani Jari Point and spent some time inside this fort with the cool breeze. In Tulavarsha, there is thunder and lightning, and rain in the evening, so we started trekking early in the morning and started back down the hill in the afternoon. There is one more waterfall to see.

Kotegi Falls

From the base camp to Bandaje Falls, you can reach the falls through an eight-kilometer trail. To enter Kotegi Falls, which is private property, you need to pay a ticket of Rs 30 and park your vehicle. He went to Kotegi Falls and returned without going down there.
This journey was a beautiful experience seeing the forested forests on the slopes of the hills shadowed by the clouds, the clouds filling the skies, the cold, the sun, the wind, the plants, the flowers, and the waterfalls. The journey of mind-blowing sights doesn’t end here.

Travel Notes

There are different routes to visit Bandaje Falls.

1. Mangalore – Ujire via. 135 km.
2. 170 km via Kasargod – Puttur – Dharmasthala – Kotigehara.
3. 78 km via Chikmagalur.

To reach (the top) of the waterfall
From Kadirudyavara, one can reach the waterfall by trekking for about 10 km through the forest and ‘Arbi’ or in the Tulu language.

Nb: Take forest permission and travel. 300 Rs. You can buy tickets at the Karnataka eco-tourism site in Ker, but at present, the locals say that there is no need for tickets, but you can buy tickets online and ensure safety.