Is there trekking in Kerala?

It is natural if a person who is coming to Kerala for the first time or has never been to Kerala before to ask the question of whether there is trekking in Kerala. Because every person born and brought up in Kerala surely knows that there are many trekking places in Kerala. There are around twenty or more trekking stations in Kerala from Munnar Hill Station to Illikal Kall. Apart from that, there are many unofficial trekking stations in Kerala. Definitely a great experience for anyone who wants adventure.


Let’s get to know the best trekking places in Kerala and share here a trekking experience that you will definitely love if you are a true adventurer.

which is the best trekking Place

It is totally based on the traveler. There are many tough and unknown trekking places across Kerala. Some of them are very dangerous too. You can select them after doing thorough research. I will mention which are more dangerous and tough

  • Vellari Mala trekking ( One of the toughest trekking in Kerala, Kozhikkod)
  • Anamudi trekking ( Ernakulam District)
  • Meesa puli mala trekking,(Idukki district boarder,Western Ghatt mountain range)
  • Illikkal Kallu trekking ( Kotayam District)
  • Pakshi Pathalam trekking Wayanad.
  • Chokramudi trekking Moonnar
  • Nelliyambathi trekking ( Palakakd)
  • Sayip Hill Trekking
  • Dhoni waterfalls and hills Trekking – An 8 km travel ( Palakkad)
  • Chimmini dam trekking (From Chimmini dam to the forest)(Trissur)
  • Thoovanam waterfalls trekking ( Munnar – 50 km range)
  • Agasthyarkoodam trekking ( Trivandrum is one of the toughest trekking routes in Kerala)
  • Seethargundu Trekking Palakkad (Unofficial) from the Seethagund waterfalls to the top of the hill – Risk ahead
  • Ramakkalmedu trekkingng Idukki ( Involves plenty of activity)

Sayipu Hill Trekking  (Travelogue) (Wayanad)

I will share mind-blowing experiences with one of the best trekking places in Kerala –  Katumala, Sayip Hill Trekking –

A trip that was not planned at all. But when I came to know about this place, I decided to go on the very next Sunday. I got to know more about Katupara and Mt. Saip through social media, and the first hurdle of getting permission for trekking was done using the contact I got through social media before leaving. 5 The fee is 3110 for a group of five people. Two days before leaving, my dear friend told Rashidika about the trip. when heard that he was fully active, so me, Rashid, my other friends, Rageshetan, Prasadetan, and everyone else left Pattambi at 4 am for Wayanad. Vaithiri reached Meenmutti Water Falls ticket counter via Banasura Dam. When we reached Meenmutti waterfall ticket counter after buying breakfast and afternoon parcels from the hotel near Banasura Dam, our guide and another tour group were waiting for us there.

Plavin Chuvad : Plavin Chuvad is the first place we reach on the trekking route through Meenmutti Eco Tourism ticket counter, the beautiful forest and the sound of the nearby Meenmutti waterfall and we continued our journey with a little excitement, Atta is our main opponent there.

Saiipkunn: Deciding to reach the end of Katumala, we first went to Saiipkunn on the grassy road. The cool breeze, the Koda, and the view of Banasura Dam in the distance were all very enchanting… The climb to Saipin after the grassland was a bit difficult but after all that climbing it was quite an experience to be on top of the rock of Saipin hill. With light rain, wind, and fog.

Katukunn : This always windswept hill is about 1900+ meters above sea level. The view of Banasura Dam from the top of the hill is truly a beautiful sight. Similarly, Sayip hill can be seen from Katu hill. Just like Saip Hill, the beauty of this place is the grassland and small rocks. After seeing all the sights of Katu Kunn, we came back down and reached the ticket counter at exactly 4:30 p.m.

After trekking 16 km up and down the country, we decided to take in the beautiful views and decided to climb the mountain again. What made me most happy about this trip was that the Forest Department and other travelers are preparing to keep these mountains plastic-free. The plastic-free environment there is quite exemplary. Manu Ettan, the guide who was with us, and Joseph Sir, who provided all the facilities and permission for trekking, were very tourist-friendly hosts.
Joseph Sir’s number is given below for those who want to travel there.

90613 02780

How to reach:
Car and bike Route.

From Kozhikode to Vythiri, from Vythiri to Pozhuthana and Achur. 6th-mile, 8th mile, 10th mile, Banasura Dam via Manjura from there to Kapikalam then Meen Mutti Water Fall ticket counter.

Bus Route –

Kozhikode To Kalpetta, get off New Bus Stand
get on Padinjare thara bus and get off Padinjare thara bus stand. From there hail an auto rickshaw to Meen Mutti Water Falls. Passes will be issued from 8 o’clock on time. A pass should be taken before 9 am.