Actor Thilakan’s daughter Sonia says that she saw her father sobbing when that scene caused a huge uproar in the theatre;At that time she did not know what to do.


Malayalam’s acting guru Thilakan faced an undeclared ban from films for some time due to problems with the Amma organization. But the organization says that they have not banned Thilakan.


But his daughter Sonia had earlier revealed that Thilakan was banned from about seven films. And everyone should know him as a rugged and arrogant person. But Sonia says that during that period he was very sad and under a lot of stress. Sonia came out with such a statement when there was a discussion about taking actor Dileep back from the organization when he was accused in the actress attack case.

Even when he was accused of such a big crime, everyone is interested in getting Dileep back. But Sonia says that she did not see any of this enthusiasm when her father was expelled from the organization for trivial issues. Sonia says that director B Unnikrishnan was the one who showed great enthusiasm for expelling her father, but even he is silent now.

It is the director Ranjith who ignores the ban and invites Thilakan to the film Indian Rupee. Thilakan’s performance in Indian Rupee was unique in that there is a dialogue where Prithviraj asks Thilakan “Where was he all this time?” In response to that, Thilakan gives laughs in that scene and there was a big applause in the theater at that time, he and his father were watching the film together. Sonia says that Indian Rupee was another film they watched together after a long time. Sonia says that she saw her father sobbing when the scene caused a huge uproar in the theatre. Sonia also says that she did not even know whether to laugh or cry.

Sonia says that the director Vinayan banned for talking in favor of his father and that there was a tendency to ban even those who acted with his father. Now when the issue of taking back Dileep came up, many people are in favor of it, but Sonia had also said that the crime alleged against Dileep is not trivial. At that time, Sonia had also criticized actress Urmila Unni’s willingness to support and speak for the person accused of brutally torturing her colleague.

Later after Thilakan’s death, many people came to condole and apologize. Doctor Sonia had said that no matter who apologized, no change was going to happen. Sonia says that no matter who bans it, the artist Thilakan will remain in people’s minds.