Mammootty cried while talking to the actor. Seeing that, Dileep exploded in anger and said – This is how that incident turned Malayalam cinema into two floors.


Actor Thilakan was the emperor of the Malayalam cinema world. An actor who has captivated the Malayalam cinema audience with his acting skills. The actor won state film awards for many years. Thilakan, who acted as a father and uncle to many stars in Malayalam, was once a father figure in the world of Malayalam cinema.


But at the end of his career, Thilakan was very distant from the Malayalam film world. Thilakan had said that the star association ‘Amma’ had imposed an undeclared ban against him and so on, but at the end of his career, all the problems of his career were settled and Thilakan ended his quarrels with the Malayalam film world.

Thilakan has often made bad comments about actor Dileep. Dileep was asked about it in an interview. This is how Dileep tells the incident that made Tilakan himself to be on the side of the enemy.

“When there was a big fight between Amma and the film Chamber over an agreement, at the ‘Amma General Body meeting, the then President Innocentate asked the members present if we should sign this agreement. An agreement was signed that day. Most of the actors, including Thilakan Chetan, said that there is no need to act with such an agreement.

With that, everyone applauded and passed by respecting the majority opinion that we are not acting on the agreement. The Amma organization prepares to strike against the agreement, but later the same Thilakan Chetan signed the agreement and made the film first. Then it became a big fight and the fight lasted for about six months.

The matter was taken up for discussion in the next general body meeting and it was Mammooka who came forward to settle the matter. There was an incident where Thilakan Chetan came to the general body meeting with the police saying that someone had tried to kill him on the issue of the organization. All of us in that organization sees him as a father. Mammooka was emotional and spoke about that incident.

“We all see you as father. You have the position of father and we are your children”. After saying that, Mammootty broke down and cried. On hearing this, Thilakan Chetan, sitting in the audience, jumped up and said, “These are false tears. I have not deceived anyone.”

Hearing Tilaketan’s reply, I felt terribly sad and got angry. I immediately jumped up and pointed my hand and spoke to Thilakan Chetan. Suddenly it caused a great shock in a quiet atmosphere. I said “You are wrong. I acted as your son in two films but at that time I called you ‘father’ sincerely. You made a mistake and don’t just justify it against what this great says. I don’t remember what I said afterward.

“Tilakan Chetan’s look at me that day is still in my mind. In fact, it was only later that I thought, Oh! Think about what I did. During that fight, someone was holding me. But even when I went home that day I thought oh! what have I done to an actor like Thilakan? Dileep had said in an interview. But he still had no quarrel with him. When he tried to pacify Thilakan Chetan, who had spoken angrily during another general body meeting, he told him not to touch his body, Dileep also remembers.