When asked for financial help to publish the news of his own father’s death in the newspaper, the famous actor refused. Later Kunchako Boban reveals how he took revenge on the actor.


Udaya Studio was once the stalwart of Malayalam cinema. Kunchacko Boban is a young talented actor from there. He is Malayalam’s own evergreen Romantic hero, Chakochan, who is known as Malayalam’s Evergreen Chocolate Hero.


Chakochan brought Udaya Studio back to the production scene, which is known as their legacy which was abandoned at one time. In 2016, Udaya is coming back with Kunchacko Boban’s Kochowa Paulo Ayyappa Coelho movie.

He entered the cinema as a child artiste in 1981 and is now doing roles that break the stereotypes of a chocolate hero. Chakochan has acted in nearly ninety films over two decades.

Everyone has a bad time in their life. He says that he too has passed through such a time. At the time of his father’s death, he had to face a sudden financial crisis. I called a prominent actor in Malayalam and asked him to lend me some money to publish his obituary in the newspaper. Even though it was a small amount, he said that he does not have cash in hand now.

While Chakochan was away from films for some time, he was very active in real estate when the same actor called and asked for a huge loan. Then it was given. Chakochan says that I gave him a loan and that’s how I paid my revenge.

Shalini reveals that my friend insisted a lot on that day to tell her love for Kunchako Boban, but this is the reason why she did not do so.

Shalini is a star who became a pre-anchor heroine of Malayalam cinema after becoming a child star. Similarly, Kunchacko Boban, a younger generation of Malayalam’s famous film family, Udaya, was not very enthusiastic about cinema at first. But he did his first film Aniyathi Pravu with Shalini on the insistence of Fazil, a native of Kunchacko Boban and a super hit Malayalam film director. With that, Chakochan became the favorite romantic hero of Malayalam youth’s. Shalini was the heroine of most of Chakochan’s films at that time. They became a successful pair with the success of Aniyathi Pravvu in which they both acted first. Later, most of the films in which the duo came together were super hits. With that, the news spread that both of them are in love and are going to get married. What Shalini said in an earlier interview to a media is now viral again.

Shalini says that she never fell in love with Chakochan in life except in movies. Shalini then says that Chakochan will also be like that. Shalini says they are just good friends. Shalini had shared a very interesting incident in the interview that day. That’s what’s in the news again.

Many of Chakochan’s friends have said that the postman used to deliver the love letters of girls who were interested in marrying Chakochan in sacks. Most of Shalini’s friends liked Chakochan very much. But Shalini says that one of her friends had a terrible crush on Chakochan and forced her to tell him about it. But she did not inform Chakochan about her friend’s love. Shalini says that she is afraid that her friendship with Chakochan will be lost if she does tell him about her friend’s love.