Jagathy Sreekumar said that it was his father’s great advice that made him reject the film which was such a big hit.


Jagathy Sreekumar is the comedy emperor of Malayalam. An irreplaceable artist. Probably the actor who acted in the most films in Malayalam after Prem Nazir. Jagathy’s characters have always created laughter in the minds of Malayalees. The actor proved his mettle by acting as a character actor and a villain while adorning the title of king of comedy. Due to an unexpected accident, the actor is now in a wheelchair due to body weakness. Every movie lover wants the actor to recover his health and come back as soon as possible.

Just like Jagathy’s characters, his interviews are something that fans look forward to. Jagathy Sreekumar is also a person who openly shares his opinions without any hesitation. The actor’s words in an interview are now viral. The star’s response to a question from the host has gone viral. I have heard that if Chetan promises a film, then no matter how big the film is, he does not take up the film that comes later. What is the reason for doing so? Jagati’s answer to this should be a lesson for everyone in life. He said that with a situation.

His father once said that if we make a promise to someone in life, never change it. Maybe if we can’t do it then we must say it first. If you make a promise, keep it. Jagathy also says that Fazil distanced himself from her with such a stance. Jagathy says that Bhasil sent his production controller to his side three times to ask for his date to act in Manichitra Dhaal. But at that time he had given that date to Thaha, a new face director. But Jagati says that in those days, like now, if there was no organization or agreement, one could leave a project very easily and could do another one, but he did not do that.

Jagathy had said that it was years later that Fazil called hime for a film. But he had said then that he would still remain in that old position. Such a stance will cost him money and great opportunities, but he believes both will come. Jagathy Sreekumar says