I have nothing to hide in life! I got a lot of beatings for telling the truth! Actress Urvashi’s words go viral


Urvashi (Kavitha Renjini) is the answer to the question of who is the perfect Malayalam heroine who can play any role with ease. Urvashi entered the cinema at a young age and later became a heroine. Urvashi also entered the cinema after her sisters. Urvashi’s interview about her film career was one that got a lot of attention from the audience. Urvashi also said that she is not the type to get hot for no reason.


She was never a heroine who wanted to remain a shadow dependent on superstars. It was not done on purpose. The directors were here to create characters for me. Some have a dislike for that.

I was never an actor’s heroine. I was the director’s heroine. I don’t think about how I can benefit from that film. Who is the hero of the film? Likewise, I did not rush to see if someone else played a more critical role than me.

I always try to be honest in life. He tried to be honest as much as possible in his life. When asked about the good qualities in life, Urvashi spoke about honesty. Do you know how many times I was beaten by Kalpana Chechi for telling the truth in my childhood?

In childhood Sister Kalpana will tell everything, train her and send her in front of her father before doing some naughty things. If I went in front of my father, I will tell the truth like a parrot. When their father left the scene, She would get beaten by her sister for saying the truth. That was the situation. Urvashi said that there are very few things in life that I can hide.

Urvashi on the moves against her in the film world – did the actor mean the superstars?- and Anyan’s death

Even if we ask who is the lady superstar of Malayalam, it is difficult to name one except Urvashi. Perhaps unlike Manju or Shobhana, Urvashi’s acting skills are much higher than that, and the main reason is the variety of roles she has played. But Urvashi has been more affected by the changes brought about by time, so the star may have lost her superstar heroine status. Our superstars never age. Otherwise, they should always act with young heroines.

Actress Urvashi in an earlier interview had spoken about the moves being made against her in the Malayalam film world. That interview is the subject of discussion now. Urvashi is an actress who comes from a film family, actress Kalpana and Kalaranjini are Urvashi’s own siblings. Urvashi says that she has never been a dependent heroine of superstars. The actor says that he has never played such roles and will never do so. Urvashi says that she never made this on purpose, she used to arrange for characters to be created for her at that time. Urvashi says that there have been rumors against her that she usually talks very masculinely to everyone. I never speak badly to anyone like that, maybe we say something when you lead us to a situation. And the actor says that time does not heal wounds.

Our unwillingness to be heroines standing in the shadow of superstars has made many people dislike us. There have been moves to get rid of us. There is nothing wrong with me. I was the heroine of the director. I just look at it, so I don’t have any problem if some people say that they should get rid of me. But all the roles I got were good. I had dreams that someone had said no to Urvashi, but that didn’t bother me. I came to act, grew up, and stood as nobody’s shadow, so I don’t mind.

Urvashi also talks about her brother’s death. Urvashi says that his death has weighed her down the most. He is younger than her by six or seven years. The actor remembers that even when he reached the end of his life, that sadness would not leave him. It seems that the sadness of those two days will not end even if you experience two births. His death was unexpected. The actor also says that he does not know why the child, who was very happy without any problem, suddenly committed suicide.