Why did Padmarajan get mad to make Jayaram the hero? Actor Salim Kumar took oblation for actor Jayaram. An untold story from Malayalm film industry


There are many artists who entered the cinema through the world of mimicry and most of them are Malayalam film superstars now. But the National Award-winning actor Salim Kumar says that in the early days, there was a general distancing attitude towards Mimicry artists in the art world. Salim Kumar is an actor who entered the cinema through mimicry and won National and state awards.

It’s an open secret that the film world still has an affinity for mime artists. This has been said by many mime artists. But actor Salim Kumar reveals that it was not filmmakers who first found it difficult to accept mimicry as an art. Salim Kumar says that in the early days of his mime career, he too faced such a distinction. In an interview with a television channel, Salim Kumar revealed a back story like this.

Padma Rajan, a super hit director of that time, decided to make the film ‘Aparan’ with Jayaram, who was a mimicry artist, as the hero, at a time when mimicry was being widely despised in the art world. Salim Kumar also shares the reaction of those in the theater sector who came to know about it. What, Is Padmarajan really crazy about? This is their response to making a film with mimicry Jayaram.

Salim Kumar says that he had never seen or met Jayaram till then, But still, he prayed for that Jayaram film to become a super hit and for Jayaram to become a superstar and made an offering at the temple. Salim Kumar says that the main reason for that was his regular arguments with theater artists at that time. Along with this, Salim Kumar also reveals that ignoring his financial difficulties at that time, he called a truck and took all his friends to the theater to show Jairam’s debut film Aparan, and truly wished for its success.