Mohanlal didn’t have a date for two years but changed his mind when he heard the story, this is how Mohanlal’s hit movie was born


Actor who is known all over India as the university of acting. Even leading actors have said in many public events that they watch Mohanlal films as their reference. That is where we have to judge the acting skills of the talented actor. Today I am going to share with you the unknown story of how Devasuram, one of the best films in the career of the brilliant actor Mohanlal, happened.

Devasuram is Mohanlal’s career-best film. Action, sentiments, and love are all mixed together by you. In short, the film is a combination of mass and class. Devasuram released in Ivy Shashi Ranjith’s team, Devasuram is a film that has raised the range of acting genius Mohanlal to another level.

The film evoked memories of the feudal era. The film traveled through action scenes that Malayalam had never seen before and was safe in the hands of the best director Malayalam has ever seen, IV Sasi. IV Sasi and his team arrived on the sets of Lal team’s ‘Vietnam Colony’ for the film Devasuram. It was a very busy time for Lal. Patti had spoken to Mohanlal, but then Lal gave her a date for two years. But hearing the story, Mohanlal’s mind changed and Mohanlal informed the crew that he would do this film immediately.

‘Devasuram’, the biggest classic hit in the history of Malayalam cinema, is a movie that is still full on the mini screen even today with the greatness of the screenplay and its making. Both Ivy Sasi and Mohanlal have often openly said that the film’s climax shooting in the middle of a large crowd was an adventurous experience in overcoming difficulties.