Blue Mountains on Western Ghat


Neelagiri, is the most beautiful hilly region in Tamil Nadu. The only district in Tamil Nadu bordering Kerala and Karnataka. Nilgiris is a district consisting of six taluks like Pantallur, Gudalur, Kothagiri, Coonoor, Kunda, and Udagamandalam (Ooty). regular But I will also introduce a few places that are popular with tourists near Ooty.

Our journey starts from Kondotty. A beautiful journey through Wayanad Pass via Mukkam Thamarassery. We left early in the morning and reached the pass at seven o’clock. After drinking tea from Choondel, we first went to Kanthanpara waterfall via Maypadi. ​​It was early morning and less crowded. A beautiful waterfall. After that, we crossed to Pantallur, a taluk of the Nilgiris. Green tea plantations beautify the hills on both sides of the road. These tea plantations will be the main attraction for tourists in Pantallur taluk.

Goodalur is the second taluk of the Nilgiris. From there we went to Mutumalai Tiger Sanctuary via Goodalur. As it is late afternoon, there is generally less wildlife. We could only see bison, deer, and lion-tailed monkey. Mutumalai Tiger Reserve has a safari. Journey through Mutumalai to Masanagudi. On the way, you will see Thoppakkad elephant taming center. There are Moyar Dam, Maravakandi Dam, and Power House at Shinkera. Tourists are not allowed to enter these places due to security reasons. But the roads there are beautiful. The dry forests on the way to Moyar Dam and the bamboo forests and coffee plantations on the way to Shinkeri are sure to warm our hearts. Now to Ooty via Kallatti Pass.

Crossing the beautiful curves and climbing the pass and reaching the top, you can see the beautiful view of the Kallatti Falls falling down from the forest slopes like a torrent. The journey continued towards Coonoor after crossing Ooty. We headed towards Dolphin Nose Point. The journey is through a small forest with trees on both sides. Crossing the tea plantations at the dolphin nose point.. here the monkey nuisance is severe.. but you can enjoy it all. There is a viewpoint that resembles a dolphin’s nose. A region surrounded by the Nilgiris. And a beautiful view of Catherine Falls. After that, while returning, visited another viewpoint, Lamb’s Rock View Point, and stayed in Coonoor town. The cold is the smile. At night Tamilnadu special Thalapaka and biryani and went to sleep under the blanket.

The next day we started at eight o’clock because of the cold weather. To Kinnakorai via Manjoor. The journey passed into the fourth taluk, Kuntha. The roads from Coonoor to Manjoor are lined with African tulip trees. Cabbage, carrot, and beet farms can also be seen there. When the tea plantations are added, it seems as if nature has prepared a green carpet. Journey past Kunda Dam and through Manjoor city to Kinnakorai village. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Nilgiris. Tea forests again. Bison give occasional darshan. This is where I see bison most time in the Nilgiris. The journey passed through the tea plantations and into the forest… a journey through the forest that creates the impression seen in the movie. Occasionally black colored monkeys (Langur), various birds, and a creature belonging to the Mongoose species were seen in many places. Even at eleven o’clock, the journey through the forested road seemed very difficult. On entering the village of Kinnakorai, the police said that they cannot go there. We are teachers. When I told him to go there and drink some tea and come back soon, he said that he wanted to come back soon. We returned from that unpolluted village with every cup of tea and dal vada. Journey straight to Avalanchi via Upper Bhawani. Another scenic route in the Nilgiris is the Manjoor-Avalanchi route.
I prefer the Emerald Lake adjacent to Upper Bhavani to the Avalanche Lake. The journey moved on to Ooty, the next taluk. where we first went to the Cane Hill Reserve Forest. a small forest with a small suspension bridge and a museum that tells the history of the Nilgiris. Those who want to visit Ooty and see Bison should go there. Also, there are budget-friendly small villas available for 4-5 people.

We crossed Ooty and reached Kotagiri. The sixth taluk is Kotagiri. Stayed there that night. The next day early morning we left for Kodanad view point. The cool and cloudy atmosphere is warming the body and mind.

Had a cup of tea and cake and headed straight to the tea park in Ooty. Visited Dodabatta peak and went straight through Ooty town on Gutthallur road. As I had seen the gardens and boat house of Ooty before, I continued my journey towards Glenmorgan Tea Estate and Dam without going there. You can go as far as Glen Morgan Dam. No entry inside. On the way, you will also see Glen Morgan Tea Estate, a famous private tea estate in Ooty itself. On the way small mountains of Nilgiri Hills. From there the journey returns straight to Pyakara Falls. Pyakara is one of the most beautiful places in Ooty. Leaving the pine forest, shooting point, and suicide point behind, we entered Kerala via Nadukani pass via Yatra Gudalur.

The trip was on a Honda Shine bike. Prajeesh, a dear old friend, was with him. The total cost was Rs 2500 per person for three days.