Travels are mind-blowing experiences. Every journey is a different experience or perspective in his life for the common man who experiences various tensions every day. I wanted to visit Armenia for a long time. When the situation was favorable, he did not look at anything and made it a reality. My friends who had gone to Armenia before, and with the help of two Malayali friends who were studying there, got to know everything they needed for the trip. It turns out that self-travel is better than tour packages. Although we are UAE residents, it was decided that it would be best to take a visa.


6 USD is the 21-day tourist visa charge. Wizz air is Abu Dhabi’s budget flight. Got a very cheap flight ticket. And so on the morning of Sunday, November 6, our journey to Armenia began. We reached Yeravan airport around 1 pm. Apart from the hassles of being a budget flight, the journey was pleasant. Armenia suffers from airport disadvantages due to not being such a developed country. After coming out, the cold began to freeze the veins. Since November, Armenia is slowly getting into extreme cold. Armenian currency is Armenian Drams, I took some Armenian currency as soon as I went. Card payment is not available in many places so it is good to have local currency. Friends came and went with them to the booked apartment. After getting fresh, go out for lunch.

Mostly Armenian style food. Needless to say, Indian style food is not available. So we tried the beef shawarma and chicken kebab, although we have had shawarma from many places, this was the first time to taste this much. Alcoholic drinks are available in every hotel, even small grocery stores. Maybe because it is necessary to survive this cold. Mostly beer, wine and cognac made in their own country. Even though the country produces enough alcohol and wine, it can be said that their exporting is not at all. Therefore, many liquor brands are unfamiliar. And so the real journey began.

1. Yerevan City:
We are here for the first 3 days as it is the capital city of Armenia. A European tea is as much about sidewalks, streets and culture as it is about. Armenia is the first country to convert to Christianity and is home to many Christian churches. First went to the open air museum known as Cascade. It is a construction that can be described as amazing. We got to know that many events like open concerts are held there but for some reason when we reached there were no such events. You have to climb a lot of steps to get to the top. Because of the facility of escalator inside, that difficulty was avoided in a way. There are various exhibits inside that evoke their culture and traditions. Seeing everything, we started climbing up. At the top is the Golden Leaf building. Zoom in on the camera and frame it. Spent some time at the top. The view from above is impossible. A good part of the city can be seen from above. From there I went to see the Mother Armenia Monument next to it. Walking distance. It is located in Victory Park. Naturally clean surroundings are kept. Spent some time there. It was almost night and we went back to the apartment. On the way we saw the illuminated Republic square complexes. Next day to the accommodation with the decision to meet one in daylight.

Next 2 days we saw parks, opera theater and then Republic square as decided. Generally, tap water is drinkable. Public drinking water taps known as Pulpulak are available in public places. Drinking water from it is a different experience. Generally busy city streets. People passing by with respect for each other and respect for each other’s privacy. We felt like spending more time in the parks, so we arrived around dusk to see the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument. Memorial to the Armenian Genocide during the First World War. About 15 lakh people were killed. A structure that embodies the entire sentiment of a nation. It is very beautiful and peaceful. Nightlife is the main attraction of Yerevan city. It can be described as the city that never sleeps. There are many niche clubs. How come he came here without knowing all that, that’s why he visited there too. And so 2 days passed with sightseeing, relaxing and pleasant weather feeling.

On the third day i.e. Wednesday, we rented a car and started our journey to Armenian Outkirtsilotu.

It is almost night when we reach Sevan Lake. There he bought all the necessary food, drinking water and juice from City square mall and stored it. Since there are few hotels outside the city, food facilities often have to be solved in this way.

2. Dilijan & Sevan Lake:

Thursday morning we returned to Dilijan National Park. Dilijan national park is a scenic place full of autumn leaves known as Armenia’s little Switzerland. At the entrance of the park, you can see the vast Parzi lake. A beautiful visual feast unfolds upon entry. The enclosure with flamingos and ducks gives a positive feel. There are many types of adventurous activities near the entrance which you can use but you have to pay extra for them. This place is very famous for trekking. If you walk a short distance through the forest path full of trees in the middle of nature, you will see a beautiful view of water flowing like a small stream. After a short walk, there is a small waterfall and a beautiful small lake.

There is boating in Parsi Lake and it is chargeable and can be used if required. are rowing boats. The trip to and from the park is a lot of fun. Traveling on the road which is lined with trees on both sides is a special experience. As it is winter, there are yellow-covered trees all around. The scenery at what looks like roadside viewpoints showcases the natural beauty of this country. Sevan Lake was the next destination. This lake is a good source of water for Armenia. About 74 km long and 32 km wide, this lake looked like a miracle. A charm surrounded by mountains. There is a Christian church on the hill by the lake. A very ancient visual elegance. A good part of the lake can be clearly seen from there. A refreshing sight for the eyes. After spending some time there went to Tsaghkadzor. It is mainly a place for ice skiing after the snow falls. But as it has not started snowing now, the ropeway is the only main attraction there. Up and down journey lasting about 20 minutes.

The higher the case went, the colder it was, and the more it began to creep into the body. It will be a great adventure. There is a situation to go to the top and spend some time there. The view from there is beautiful. You will surely understand that nature is beautiful. Its limbs seem to be flexible. Ended the day’s journey and now to the place called Tatev.

3. Tatev:

Friday : – Tatev first went to see Tatev monastery. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Armenia. Built-in the 9th century. This city is very beautiful. The monastery and its surroundings and the distant views from there are very attractive. Wings of Tatev, which holds a world record, is next to this church located on top of Tatev hill

The views down from here are very beautiful. Unfortunately, we only saw half the sights. The reason was the foggy atmosphere. But it can be said that the experience of crossing the snow is different. On the way back, we went to Syunik to see Khndzoresk Bridge. This is what can be called a hanging or suspension bridge. The other side could not be seen due to the fog. From where the car is parked, one has to descend about 300 steps to reach the bridge. Descending the wooden stairs was terrifying and adventurous. There are no security measures, no security at all. But eagerly we walked across the bridge and reached the other side. Returning back was a feeling of having overcome a fear. On our way back we took a small turn on the Shaki road and saw a small but very beautiful waterfall and its tributary. Tatev Ilotu left with his heart full. As we visited each place every day, we stayed only for one night. The accommodation was arranged after reaching the respective places or on the way there. was very helpful. Reached the next town called Jermuk late at night. On the way back, we could see the entire road covered in snow. Jermuk is the coldest city.

4. Jermuk:

It can be said that the last day of the journey is the next day i.e. Sunday morning is our return flight. Arrived at the booked vacation house on Friday night. Snow covered all around and it was a beautiful vacation house. All the hotels were already closed so we took the car with the driver. There is a hot spring up the mountain with a rough trail. It has hot and cold water. A very natural jaccuzzi. A volcano is below it. A phenomenon caused by its air circulation. An adventurous journey through snowy roads. Every atom is a beautiful journey. Spent a lot of time there. Enjoyed the rest. Sensation of cold seeping through hair follicles. A lake on the way back has its beauty. Took some good photos. From there Zangesur mountains. Koravank Monastery is there. Another beautiful monastery.

There was a wedding there when we went. I took some good photos of the western style ceremonies. Landscapes are one to mention. On the way back we stopped at Areni winery. As mentioned earlier, Armenia is a country known for liquor production. Areni Winery is their family business. We can test different types of wines and vodkas, see the factory and learn how wine is made. A good experience. From there you can buy wine at a low price if needed. We bought it too. On the way back visited Khor Virap monstery. A peculiarity is that beneath it is a prison cell, where Saint Gregory was imprisoned. He converted Armenia to Christianity.

A staircase has been made downwards, barely enough for one person to go down. Went down through it and saw that room. I was surprised and surprised. One wondered how one could spend so long on it. It is a province close to the border of Turkey. From there we went to Garni temple, it was getting late, we had to return soon, so we spent only a little time there. Arrived back to Yerevan city late at night. Fell asleep with fresh memories. Next morning to the airport. From there, he returned to Abu Dhabi airport in the afternoon. And so a beautiful journey ended here. Return to normal life with the thought that you should visit again if the situation arises. Tried to include as many images as possible. Go and see the rest. Armenia is beautiful.