September 2022: Switzerland I . A trip to Switzerland was a trip I had been putting off since coming to Vienna. A running tour was held this summer. From Vienna to Zurich by train.


In 1895 I heard about the defeat of Einstein. After studying in Munich, Einstein tried to get admission to Zurich Polytechnic. But Einstein failed the entrance exam. The reason for Einstein’s defeat was that there were language, zoology, and botany in this entrance exam. He scored good marks in maths and other science subjects. Einstein took the exam again and got admission. That polytechnic has now become the University of Zurich and thousands of students study there. This university is located in the city of Suricha. And many museums, the richest banks in the world, their huge offices, casinos, lakes, beautiful parks, and so on. The railway station is right in the middle of the city, keeping the memory of Alfred Escher, who was the everything of Switzerland. There is no metro service in Zurich. But trams and buses are always running. There are many trains that run on time to other cities. When I went there, I found out from the tour guide that Switzerland does not export wine.

September 2022: Switzerland II: Rhine Falls and Stein and Rhein : After seeing Zurich City, left to see Rhine Falls in the afternoon. Rhine Falls is about 50 kilometers from Zurich. A beautiful waterfall on the river Rhine. The waterfall is not very high. But the boat ride in the vast water below the falls is spectacular. Premises kept clean. Green and blue water. Ladders built to touch the falls, rainbows tangling in the splashing water. People are arriving in droves. After staying there for two hours, we went to the village of Stein am Rhein. A village that preserves its old beauty. There are beautiful paintings in the low-rise buildings. Many buildings and houses are made of wood. Hundreds of years old murals each tell a story. St. is in the middle of the village. George church. Adjacent to it is the beautiful river Rhein.

September 2022: Switzerland III: Glacier Express: If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of Switzerland, you already know that you have to travel on a panorama train. There are only 3-4 train services for this. The Bernina Express and Glacier Express are the most popular. These are not the best services for a full-day trip. You can go and see mountains, rivers, villages, and mountains.

The beauty of being painted anywhere. Due to time constraints, I took a 4-hour trip on Glacier Express. From Chur to Brig. Got the afternoon train. So in the morning, Chur reached the top of the mountain by cable car. You can relax by drinking coffee from the coffee shop at the top of the hill. Later in the afternoon the long-awaited journey on the Glacier Express. To the beautiful mountains that preserve nature as well. There are no concrete buildings to be seen. If you are a photographer, you will get tired of taking photos. Food and drinks are ready on the train. When going to the top of the hill, the train will stop for 15 minutes to take photos. Arrived at Brig at 6 pm. When I was wondering how to reach Zurich, a super-fast train came. The return journey to Zurich was very easy as I had taken the Swiss Pass.

September 2022: Switzerland IV : Luzern : The main focus of the Switzerland trip was Zurich and a panoramic train ride. But many people said that they want to see Luzern City and Mount Pilatus. Therefore, on the morning of the third day, he returned to Luzern City. People had already reached the shore of the wide beautiful lake. Everyone is preparing for the golden round trip. First one hour boat ride. Then Mount Pilatus trip. The two-kilometer ride is on a small train that feels like being pulled by a rope. The steep trek through the jungle and through the tunnel is truly terrifying. When you get there, you will find a spacious hotel, restaurant and everything. Back to Luzern city by cable car in the afternoon.

September : Switzerland V : Interlaken and Bern : Luzern has been seen, thinking about where to go next. That’s when I remembered the city of Interlaken. It is a two-hour journey. However, he jumped on the first express train he saw. This is like a panoramic train ride. The journey is mostly through forests and mountains. Therefore, it is not possible to go at a good speed. When passing through some villages, it seems that the train is passing through the courtyards of the houses.

When the train stops, you can see locals boarding the train directly from their homes. Interlaken is a beautiful village with a long green lake. There is a small train-like lift from the city back up the hill. If you reach the top of Harder Kulm, you can see the entire city of Interlaken. And as usual, there is a wide restaurant. So the next trip is to see Bern, the capital of Switzerland. After a quick detour around Bern we were back in Zurich. With that, the journey that started in Zurich reached Zurich again. So this race ended.